About Me

During my high school years I wanted to be a heavy metal guitarist.

I went to Otago University to study towards a Bachelor of Music. I didn't really know what I was doing with my life and during my studies I was helping fix the laptop of someone in my hall of residence. They suggested I try an intro to programming paper because they thought I might like it. I remember thinking, "that's for nerds".

Well it turns out I'm a nerd 🤘
I completed my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

Since then I've been working in the industry for ~10 years. I've spread myself across a variety of roles starting in QA, test automation, performance engineering, site reliability, development, devops... whatever the flavour of the month is. I love figuring out how complex technology works and improving it.

P.S. Sorry Dave for not applying myself in my music degree, I was too busy being a dumb adolescent. I hope you're doing well. I still get a lot of fun out of playing guitar and your parting words to me when I finished my degree drove me to apply myself in my professional career.